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Best Summer Activities in Ocean City

Shore4U Real Estate July 19, 2018

Here you are, living or vacationing in Ocean City, in the middle of the summer. You’ve been to the beach couple times already and however exciting the beach is, you know that when your six-year-old’s answer to the question “What do you guys want to do today?” is “Dad, I don’t want to go to the beach”, it’s time to start looking for plan B. This list is to help you to stay sane and have some fun too.

1. Concerts at Freeman Stage

Popular concert stage at Bayside Community in Delaware which hosted names such as Ben Harper, Boyz II Men, Jay Leno or Jeff Foxworthy.
Freeman Stage

2. Kayaking on Ayres Creek

Relaxing adventure “off the beaten path” on Assateague Rd in Berlin. Ayers Creek has a very gentle flow and kayaking up or down the creek is super easy. Kids can paddle too and will probably sleep well afterward. You can spot a few beautiful homes along the creek.
Ayers Creek Adventures

3. Free Movies on the Beach

Monday and Friday on 27th Street beach and Wednesday in front of Carousel Hotel on 117th Street beach. Free movies on the beach for the entire family! Bring your beach chair or a blanket and enjoy the night beside the ocean.
Ocean City

4. Northside Park Summer Camps

Short or long camps for any age. From art, dance and fishing to lacrosse, surfing or soccer, Northside Park in Ocean City will keep you busy all summer long.
Ocean City MD Camps

5. Golf

Yeah, I have to admit that doesn’t sound like fun for the whole family but dad needs to take breaks too. Grab an early T-time (as early as 6:52 am) for a quick 9-hole round before it gets too hot and you’ll be back before breakfast or even before everyone wakes up.
Ocean City Golf Club

6. Assateague Bayside Beaches

By far the best spot by the ocean (and bay) for families with little children. Calm bayside water with no waves. You can rent kayaks and paddle boards and give everyone rides or take a guided tour. Water is 1 to 2 feet deep.
Assateague Outfitters

7. Charter Fishing

Looking for a Big Game fish such as Blue Marlin White Marlin, Tuna or Shark? Deep sea fishing can set you back about $2K but it will be #1 unforgettable experience for the entire family.
Ocean City Fishing

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