How To Guarantee a Successful Sale 

Did you know that only about 60% of homes listed for sale in our area will find the buyer? That's right. The rest = remaining 40% WILL NOT SELL and stay in the hands of current owner. Don't become one on the owners who get stuck with the property which doesn't sell.

When the time comes and you are ready to sell your home there are 3 MAIN THINGS that will determine if your property will sell or not.


1. Price

The first item we’ve identified of why a home will or will not sell is how it’s priced. We found out that what you want to get for the home or what your realtor wants to sell it for DOES NOT determine the price. What determines the price these days is what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Value in today’s market is more determined by current competition and current pending properties.


2. How the Home Shows

Everybody knows that well staged, organized and clean homes are much more appealing to the buyers who will be then more likely to purchase it. What is even more important in this age is how your home shows in the internet. The first impression of your home will be how it shows when people look at it online. Bueyrs are determining which properties they like based on the quality of photos, virtual tours, videos, and marketing remarks.


3. How It's Marketed

Now this is the one thing we can really control. If we do the first two things correctly - determine the price and make it show well both in person and online - then the third thing we have to is market the property effectively. Based on the research of how buyers found their home done by National Association of Realtors we focus all our markerting efforts and budget on categories which yield the best possible results. From marketing your property to other realtors via constant communication through proffesionally produced videos and massive online exposure to innovative property sign concepts on site our marketing plan will position your home at the top.

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